Symposium on "Women in Polish Veterinary Medicine"

On 25-26 September 1997 a symposium was held at the Veterinary Museum to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the first Polish woman veterinarian, Helena Bujwid-Jurgielewicz.

She entered the veterinary profession in 1923 after graduation from the Academy of Veterinary Medicine in Lwów. In 1996, 36,6% of the graduates from veterinary schools in Poland were women. The symposium is meant to bring to memory the difficulties that women had to conquer, only a relatively short time ago, in order to enter the veterinary profession. At the same time the opportunity is taken to honour the achievements of Polish women veterinarians. The report of the symposium (Kobiety w polskiej weterynarii. Warszawa, 1997. 64 p. ISBN 83-00-03086-7) contains 19 contributions (only two also in English translation); 14 of them are biographies.

The Veterinary History Section of the Polish Association of Veterinary Science held its annual meeting in Szreniawa on 14-15 September 1996. The meeting was devoted to printed sources of veterinary history in Polish libraries. Eleven papers were presented. They are edited by prof.dr. Pjotr Wyrost, the president of the Section:

Wyrost, P.(Ed.) Starodruki weterynaryjne w polskich ksiegozbiorach [Veterinary old prints in Polish libraries]. Wroclaw-Szreniawa: Sekcji Historii Medycyny Weterynaryjnej PTNW, 1996. 103 p. The papers are in Polish with English summaries.

The holdings of historical veterinary printed books are described, that are held by the National Library in Warsaw, by the National Museum of Agriculture and Food Industry in Szerniawa, by the Veterinary Museum in Ciechanowiec and by the Agricultural University in Wroclaw. Further articles describe imprints from the classical authors and from fundamental works in the field of food hygiene. Jan Tropilo contributes three articles, resp. devoted to the works of Vesalius and Ruini, and to a beautifully illustrated hippological work, publ. in Cracow in 1603 (Hippika to iest o koniach xiegi) by K.M. Dorohostajski (1562-1615), a Lithuanian knight and Great Marshal. His third article (together with Wieslawa Chrzanowska) presents an overview of the teaching of veterinary history in past and present in Polish veterinary schools. Then there is an article on the several Polish editions of the veterinary handbook by J.M. Rohlwess and the editor, Piotr Wyrost, concludes with a description of the books exhibited during the meeting (47 titles)).