The first issue of vol. 33 (1996) of the journal of the Veterinary Faculty of Ljubljana,  Zbornik Veterinarske Fakultete Univerza Ljubljana, contains ten articles of historical interest. They are all in English. The subjects treated are the following:

            • Two hundred years of the veterinary education system in Slovenia (p.7-17);
            • The beginning of horseshoeing and of veterinary surgery in Slovenia (p.19-31);
            • Lower and secondary veterinary schools in Slovenia (p.33- 42);
            • Development of veterinary postgraduate studies in Slovenia (p.67-73);
            • Slovene students of veterinary medicine in Zagreb (p.89- 110);
            • Slovene veterinary science in the second part of the 18th century (p.111-115);
            • Prominent veterinary surgeons from Kranj in the first half and the middle of the 19th century (p.117-128);
            • Life and work of dr. Fanton (p.129-133);
            • Doctors-veterinarians among Slovenes in the 18th and 19th century (p.135-145);
            • Veterinary publication activities in Slovenia (p.147-162).