An exemplary dictionary of veterinary biography is published by the Veterinary Museum in Skara*. As complete as, humanly speaking, possible the essential biographical data of all Swedish veterinarians, who matriculated from 1775 until the end of 1927 (together more than 10,000 persons) are brought together in a well got-up volume. The book is in two parts; after the biographical section follows a bibliographical one, presenting all publications of the persons described. After an introduction a chronological overview of Swedish veterinary history is given by Olle Hellgren, the curator of the Skara Museum. His wife, Barbro Hellgren who is a professional librarian, signed to the gigantic task of arranging the mass of data into a well-ordered whole. In fact, this now definite work builds on two earlier publications by the Swedish veterinary historian Nils Frykholm (1875-1954), who published preceding versions, respectively in 1908/09 and in 1927. His and Gösta Björkman's continued research made it possible to publish now the accumulated data. A second volume, covering the period 1928-1975, is in preparation.

The book belongs in each veterinary history collection, especially of those who are engaged in the work for the International Dictionary of Veterinary Biography.

        • Hellgren, Barbro (Red.) Svensk biografisk veterinärmatrikel. Del 1. Skara: Stiftelsen Veterinärhistoriska Museet, 1999. 410 p. (Price not given).