Czech Republic

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Brno regularly publishes small monographs in Czechoslovak language in the field of veterinary biography/history under the serial title Historia medicinae veterinariae (not to be confused with the periodical published in Denmark!). The history issues have their own serial number, next to a number of the Faculty's general serial.

Some of the recent titles are:

Böhm, R. et al. (eds.) Carvas, J. (1917-1992) [My diary from Zlin]. Zlínsky diár. Brno: Konvoj, 1996. 46 p. (Historia Medicinae Veterinariae. Brno; 28).

Filka, J.; Sindlar, J. (eds.) [Doc. Rer. Nat. dr. Otakar Koutný (1905-1992). Outline of his life and work]. Doc.R-NDr. Otakar Koutný. Nárys zivota a díla. Brno: Konvoj, 1995. 40 p. (Historia medicinae veterinariae Brno; 26).

Filka, J. (ed.) Lojda, L. [The past and future of genetic disease prevention in veterinary medicine]. Historie a perspektivy genetické prevence ve veterinární medicíne. Brno: Konvoj, 1996. 37 p. (Historia Medicinae Veterinariae. Brno; 31).