Egyptian Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine

Activity Report 2006


The seventh scientific meeting was held in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, MenoufiyaUniversity, Sadat City, in March 28th 2006. The title was “Veterinary art has also history in Egypt”.

“Light on Veterinary History” is the first book in Arabic language and in the Arab lands. It will be in the markets by the middle of October 2006. The book is prepared by Prof. Dr. A. S. Saber, the general secretary of the Egyptian Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine.

Seven members of the Egyptian Association will attend the XXXVII International Congress of the WAHVM in León, Spain. They will present 10 works on veterinary history.

The Egyptian Association has the honor to invite the WAHVM to hold one of its coming congresses in Egypt.

Prof. Dr. A. S. Saber
General Secretary
Dept of Anatomy and Embryology
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Minoufiya University
Sadat City
Tel. 048 260 32 15