2005 Report of the French Society for the med. with short English summary 

A new veterinary museum
Through an article by the French veterinary historian Alain Théry in La Semaine Vétérinaire, nr. 848 of 15 March 1997, we are informed that plans are being worked out to set up a veterinary museum in Châtillon (Côte d'Or). The initiative was taken by Michel Desliens, grandson of Louis Desliens (1879-1975). The last one was a veterinary practitioner at Châtillon during more than 50 years, and at the same time a well-known physiologist of the cardio-vascular system. The collections, owned by the family, consist of about 3000 instruments, 1000 old therpeutics, anatomical and pathological specimens, 19th cent. veterinary serial publications and about 100 autograph letters. The main theme of the museum will be veterinary practice of the 19th and first half of the 20th century, with special reference to the figure of Louis Desliens and his experiments to measure blood pressure.The museum will be established in the former Hospice Saint-Pierre, a building of the 17th-18th century, where 2200 sq.meters will be available to house these collections together with those of the city's archaeological collections. These are world famous because of the treasures of Vix, dating from 700-500 years B.C. and unearthed in 1953 (a large bronze crater ornamented with four griffon heads, bronze and silver vases, a war chariot with a female skeleton with a golden hat).In 1988 the Société Française d'Histoire de la Médecine Vétérinaire et des Sciences Vétérinaires was established. The initiative for establishing this society was taken by Dr. Franck Bourdy of Tours. He received more than 60 answers of colleagues who showed interest.

For more information, contact Dr. Jean Blancou, 11 rue Descombes F.75017 Paris
Tel. +33-142276446

Boardmembers(2002-2005) are:
Dr. Jean Blancou (Paris), president
Dr. Christophe Degueurce (Maisons-Alfort), vice-president
Prof.Dr. François Vallat ( Paris) secretary
Prof.Dr. Béatrice Lijour (Nantes), 2nd secretary
Dr. Louis Touratier, treasurer.

Musée Fragonard in Maisons-Alfort 
Excellent photographs and description of the main material of this museum

Bibliothèque de L’École Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort 
With a full reproduction of ten old books of French Veterinary Medicine

Eurovet guide, a guide to veterinary Europe is published by Le Point Vétérinaire, BP 233, 94702 Maisons-Alfort. France, and obtainable at 310 FF (+ 47 FF postage) at Zootèque, BP 14, 94701 Maisons-Alfort, France.On p. 113-136 are to be found,snapshots of veterinary history: thirty illustrations with captions describing them, list of the European associations for veterinary history with the names of board members and addresses, and an annotated list of veterinary museums in Europe.