Prof. Marco Galloni, Veterinary Faculty of the University of Turin, reported that the National Section for the History of Veterinary Medicine, organized as group in the "Centro Italiano di Storia sanitaria e Ospitaliera (CISO), decided to associate itself with the WAHVM. This decision was reached during the Second National Congress on the History of Veterinary Medicine, held on March 25-26, 1995.

As the structure of the Section, founded in 1990, is very informal (no fees, no membership list), for the time being only individual members from Italy can be expected to subscribe to the WAHVM.

President of the Section is prof. dr. Alba Veggetti (University of Bologna), wellknown i.a. as editor of the column devoted to veterinary history in the journal Obiettivi e Documenti Veterinari. Prof. Galloni will serve as the contact between the National Section and the WAHVM.

Terzo Convergno Nazionale di Storia della Medicina Veterinaria

23-24 September 2000. Villa Caruso, Via di Bellosguardo, Lastra Signa (Firenze)

Contact: Silvia Parretti. Tel. +55-8721783 or Fax +55-8722230

On Saturday, 23 September, first session devoted to "Therapy and Prevention" with 9 papers; second session with free communications with 11 papers;

On Sunday, 24 September, Third session devoted to "Veterinary museums and their collections" with 6 papers, and the fourth session with free communications with 12 papers.