United States of America

American Veterinary Medical History Society

Officers 1999-2000

President: Dr.Phyllis H. Larsen. Ithaca, N.Y.
Past president: Dr.E.W. Adams. Tuskegee Institute, AL
President-elect: Dr.R.C. McClure. University of Missouri,

Secretary/treasurer: Dr.l.L. Lemonds. Hastings, NE,

Board members:

Dr. Susan D. Jones. Boulder, CO
Dr. G. Lewis Jr. Jefferson, MD
Dr. R.A. Roncalli. Milltown, NJ
Dr.Ch. E. Eastin I. Lexington, KY

Internet Addresses

The address of the homepage of the American Society for the History of Veterinary Medicine is: This site is maintained by Bob McClure.

The website for the main archive of the history of women in veterinary medicine at the Washington State University can be found under: This site can also take you to the general archive of the history of veterinary medicine.


We were informed by the president of the American Society, that at the last Annual Meeting a committee, presided by prof. F.P. Loew, was set up to report on the question of affiliation with the WAHVM. Its advise is awaited at the Annual Meeting on July 25, 2000.

Another committee, presided by Dr. C.M. Hendrix, was formed to survey the current status of the teaching of veterinary medical history in the United States and Canada. The answers to the same seven questions as used earlier by J.B. Mulder (1990) for the U.S. and Canada, and by J. Schäffer (1999) for the rest of the world, will show how this matter stands in the American and Canadian veterinary schools in comparison with the situation elsewhere.

The Annual Meeting, to be held in Double Tree Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah, has the following programme:

A. Scientific part (1.00-4.00 p.m.) presided by Robert C. McClure:
O.H.V. Stalheim - "Remembering Bob Shomer"
Harold J. Davis - "Searching for veterinary museums"
Leo L. Lemonds - "Dr. Phillipson's veterinary infirmary"
Robert C. McClure -"A Missouri veterinary museum"
Discussion about veterinary museums, led by Robert H. Dunlop
James H. Steele - "Public health as a veterinary speciality"
Susan D. Jones - "Scientific knowlewdge and public health: defining bovine tuberculosis"
George E. Lewis Jr. - "A Civil War veterinarian".

B. Business Meeting (4.00-5.30 p.m.) presided by Phyllis H. Larsen.

The Association for Women Veterinarians (AWV) was founded in 1947 at the initiative of Mary Knight Dunlap (1910-1992). At that time the US had 100-120 women veterinarians, mainly concentrated in and around New York City and in East Lansing (Mich.). The expansion of the number of women veterinary graduates went from 200 in 1963, to 3212 in 1980, to 18,088 in 1995! The change in the position of the women veterinarians in the US over the past 50 years is the subject of a book, that offers a pêle-mêle of personal experiences, recollections, well-researched statistics, short biographies and archival documents. It is carefully composed and glows with enthusiasm. Its title: Our history of women in veterinary medicine. Gumption, grace, grit and good humor. Compiled and edited by Phyllis Hickney Larsen (Chair of the AWV History Committee). Littleton, CO: Association for Women Veterinarians, 1997. 115 p. (Ordering address: AWV. 5151 South Federal Boulevard, Unit H-6. Littleton, CO 80123-7780)