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Summaries of articles published in argos, the bulletin of the netherlands veterinary history society, Nr.11 (1994)-....

Nr.11 (1994)

A.G. Thomsen and J.D. Blaisdell. From the fangs of Cerberus: the possible origin of classical beliefs about rabies, nr. 11, p. 5-8 (text in English)

Period: Antiquity/Rabies

J. de Vries. Veterinarians in Friesland, 1800-1850, nr. 11, p.9-25 (text in Dutch)

Period: 19th century/Country: Netherlands/Veterinary profession

D.J. Houwers. Brucella-DNA in a waste-pit from the early 15th century, nr. 11, p. 27 (text in Dutch)

Period: Middle Ages/Country: Netherlands/Archaeology/Brucellosis

Nr.12 (1995)

J.R. Fisher. The European Enlightment, political economy and the origins of the veterinary profession in Britain, nr. 12, p. 45-51 (text in English)

Period: 18th-19th century/Country: United Kingdom/Veterinary profession

W.J. Mulder and A.P. Wijgergangs. The obstetrical instrumentation for bovines, nr. 12, p. 53-58 (text in Dutch)


J.A. Renkema. Dutch livestock industry since World War II in economic-historical perspective, nr. 12, p. 59-62 (text in Dutch)

Period: 20th century/Country: Netherlands/Economics

Nr.13 (1995)

G.C. van der Weijden and A. Rozendal. The history of bovine obstetrics, nr. 13, p. 81-86 (text in Dutch)


J. de Vries.Veterinary medicine in Friesland, 1850-1900, nr. 13, p. 87-93 (text in Dutch)

Period: 19th century/Country: Netherlands/Veterinary profession

P.A. Koolmees. Slaughtering and meat inspection in The Netherlands from the late Middle Ages until 1795, nr. 13, p. 95-104 (text in Dutch)

Period: Before 1800/Country: Netherlands/Meat inspection

Nr.14 (1996)

A.H.H.M. Mathijsen. The celebrations of the 50th, 100th, 125th and 150th anniversary of the Veterinary School in Utrecht, nr. 14, p. 127-134 (text in Dutch)

Period: 19th-20th century/Country: Netherlands/Veterinary schools

Ingrid J.R. Visser. Organized control of communicable diseases in animals in The Netherlands in the 18th, 19th and beginning of the 20th century, nr. 14, p.135-142 (text in Dutch)

Period: After 1700/Country: Netherlands/Communicable disease control

J. Hofman. The succesfull eradication of bovine tuberculosis in The Netherlands, mainly in the period after 1945, nr. 14, p. 143-152 (text in Dutch)

Period: 20th century/Country: Netherlands/Cattle diseases/Tuberculosis

P. Leeflang. Argos, body-guard of Io, or how the peacock got the beautiful eyes in his fan, nr. 14, p.155-157 (text in Dutch)

Period: Antiquity/Mythology

Nr.15 (1996)

A. Numan. "On the duties of the veterinarian, and the rules he has to observe in the performance of his art", nr. 15, p.179-182 (text in Dutch)

Ethics/Veterinary profession

B.A. Steltenpool. Servants of Aesculapius and Mars. The military veterinarian in The Netherlands East-Indies, nr. 15, p. 183-192 (text in Dutch)

Period: 19th-20th century/Country: Netherlands East-Indies/Military veterinary medicine

J.D. Blaisdell. Reviled for the sake of health: distemper and the status of the dog in Ancient Israel, nr. 15, p.193-201 (text in English)

Period: Antiquity/Country: Israel/Dog diseases/Distemper

P.A. Koolmees. The teaching of veterinary history restarted [in Utrecht], nr. 15, p.204-206 (text in Dutch)

Country: Netherlands/Veterinary education

Nr.16 (1997)

J.R. Fisher. Of plagues and veterinarians: BSE in historical perspective, nr. 16, p. 225-235 (text in English)

Cattle diseases/Epizootics

C. Huygelen. The early history of immunization against three morbillivirus diseases: measles, rinderpest and canine distemper, nr. 16, p. 237-240 (text in Dutch)

Period: 18th-19th century/Immunization/Virus diseases

Ingrid J.R. Visser. Haematuria in cattle in The Netherlands in historical perspective, nr. 16, p.241-248 (text in Dutch)

Country: Netherlands/Cattle diseases

Nr.17 (1997)

M.C. Horzinek. The beginnings of animal virology in Germany, nr. 17, p. 267-271 (text in Dutch)

Country: Germany/Persons: Löffler, Friedrich (1852-1915)/Virus diseases

B. Baljet and G.C.M. Heijke. Veterinary double-monsters historically viewed, nr. 17,p. 273-280 (Text in Dutch)


P. Mandigers. Obstetrical observations by the cow doctor W. Munter (1767-1838) from Goudswaard (Prov. South-Holland), nr. 17, p.281-289 (text in Dutch)

Period: 18th-19th century/Country: Netherlands/Persons: Munter, W. (1767-1838)/Obstetrics

Nr.18 (1998)

S.N. Milton. Western veterinary medicine in colonial Africa: a survey 1902-1963, nr. 18, p. 313-322 (text in English)

Period: 20th century/Country: Africa/Tropicalveterinary medicine

P. Leeflang. The Civil Veterinary Service in the former Dutch East Indies, nr. 18, p. 323-331 (text in English)

Period: 19th-20th century/Country: Netherlands East-Indies/Tropical veterinary medicine

I.J.R. Visser and J.W. Hesselink. The development of plantations and livestock on Curaçao, nr. 18, p.333-339 (text in Dutch)

Country: Netherlands West-Indies/Tropical veterinary medicine

G.T. Haneveld. Toers Diesbergen Schubaert (1805-1853), prosector of the State Veterinary School, illustrator and entomologist, nr. 18, p. 341-346 (text in Dutch)

Period: 19th century/Country: Netherlands/Persons: Schubaert, T.D. (1805-1853)

Nr.19 (1998)

J.D. Blaisdell. Abominable and relatively unclean flesh: parasites and the prohibition against pork in Ancient Egypt and Israel, nr. 19, p. 363-370 (text in English)

Period: Antiquity/Country: Egypt/Country: Israel/Hygiene/Meat/Swine

J. Jansen. Some interesting subjects from a veterinary point of view in a manuscript from 1779, nr. 19, p. 371-374 (text in Dutch)

Period: 18th century/Country: Netherlands/Cattle diseases

R. Strikwerda. Cattle in the Dutch Paterfamilial literature. Veterinary folk medicine in the 18th century, nr. 19, p.375-381 (text in Dutch)

Period: 18th century/Country: Netherlands/Cattle diseases/Veterinary folk medicine

P.A. Koolmees. Veterinary medicine in The Netherlands, 1940-1945, nr. 19, p. 383-398 (text in Dutch)

Period: 20th century/Country: Netherlands/Veterinary organization

Nr.20 (1999)

Editorial: a plea for a Studium Generale, including veterinary history, in the veterinary curriculum, nr. 20, p.413-414 (text in Dutch)

Veterinary education

A. Mathijsen. Horse-riding schools in Utrecht and Leyden in the 18th century, next to the adventurous life of Gaspard Saunier, riding master of Leyden University from 1717 to 1737, nr. 20, p. 419-438 (text in Dutch)

Period: 18th century/Country: Netherlands/Persons: Saunier, Gaspard (1663-1748)/Horsemanship

Tj. Pos. C.S.Th. van Gink (1890-1968), a central figure in the world of poultry sport, nr. 20, p. 439-445 (text in Dutch)

Period: 20th century/Country: Netherlands/Persons: Gink, C.S.Th. van (1890-1968)/Poultry

A. Mathijsen. Letters from The Netherlands to professor Bernhard Bang, nr. 20, p. 446-448 (text in Dutch)

Period: 19th-20th century/Persons: Bang, Bernhard (1848-1932)

Nr.21 (1999)

Berns, J.B., [Hanging the afterbirth in the tree: folk customs and popular language about the secundines of the horse].
Original title: De nageboorte in de boom hangen: volksgebruiken en volkstaal rond de secundinae van het paard. p. 31-39

Mathijsen, A.H.H.M., [At the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Netherlands Veterinary History Society].
Original title: Bij het tienjarig bestaan van het Veterinair Historisch Genootschap. p. 7-17

Mathijsen, A.H.H.M., [Veterinary history got a chance at Mondialvet 99, 23-24 September in Lyons].
Original title: De veterinaire geschiedenis kwam goed aan bod tijdens Mondialvet 99, 23-24 september in Lyon. p. 40-45

[A new public museum [at Beers, Province North-Brabant] devoted to the history of animal breeding and artificial insemination].
Original title: Een nieuw landelijk museum [te Beers, N.Br.], gewijd aan de geschiedenis van de veeteelt en de K.I. p. 17

Wentges, H. et al., [From folk medicine to pharmaceutical product. An attempt to depict the history of development of some selected drugs].
Original title: Von der Volksmedizin zum pharmazeutischen Produkt. Versuch einer Darstellung der Entwicklungsgeschichte ausgew„hlter Drogen. p. 19-30

Nr.22 (2000)

Fuks, S., [Animals as symbols on hunting-portraits and still lives of game].
Original title: Dieren als symbolen op jachtschilderijen. p. 80-82 )

Koolmees, P.A., [From horse doctor or cow leech to veterinary manager. Regulation of the market for veterinary services in historical perspective].
Original title: Van paardendoctor-koemeester tot veterinair manager. Regulering van de veterinaire markt in historisch perspectief. p. 75-77

Meyer, H., [How artists see the eating of animals].
Original title: Hoe kijken kunstenaars aan tegen het vreten der dieren? p. 79-85

Oldenkamp, E.P. et al., [Two letters from 1829 and 1830 to Aleander Numan by J.H. van Opdorp (1797-1842), surgeon at Arnemuiden (Province of Zealand)].
Original title: Twee brieven aan Alexander Numan uit 1829 en 1830 van J.H. Opdorp, heel- en vroedmeester te Arnemuiden (Zeeland). p. 61-66

Pieters, F.F.J.M., [Animals held in menageries in Amsterdam, ca. 1700].
Original title: De dieren in de Amsterdamse menagerie‰n rond 1700. p. 79-80

Strikwerda, R., [Personal experiences with freezing bull sperm, 1949-1984].
Original title: Persoonlijke ervaringen met het invriezen van stieren-sperma, 1949-1984. p. 67-74

Nr.23 (2000)

Balogh, K.K.I.M.d., [The role of the female veterinarians in Africa].
Original title: De rol van de vrouwelijke dierenarts in Africa. p. 132-137

Boor-van der Putten, I.M.E., [Colloquium in memory of Dr. Louis Willems at Hasselt].
Original title: Colloquium ter herdenking van dr. Louis Willems te Hasselt. p. 148-149

Fisher, J.R., Every man his own farrier in Australia: the origins and growth of a veterinary business in colonial New South Wales. p. 138-147

Gobin, A., [Mendelism in animal breeding as developed by professor Leopold Frateur, Louvain].
Original title: Leopold Frateur en het Mendelisme bij het fokken van huisdieren. p. 111-118

Jones, S.D., Gender and veterinary medicine: global perspectives. p. 119-123

Koolmees, P.A., [Feminization of veterinary medicine in The Netherlands 1925-2000].
Original title: De feminisering van de diergeneeskunde in Nederland, 1925-2000. p. 125-131

Mathijsen, A.H.H.M., ["Veterinary genetics" and "Women in veterinary medicine", the main themes of the 31rst WAHVM-congress in Brno (Czech Republic)].
Original title: "Veterinaire genetica" en "De vrouw in de diergeneeskunde", hoofdthema's op het 31ste WAHVM-congres in Brno (Tsjechi‰). p. 103-109

Nr.24 (2001)

Koolmees, P.A., [Recent [Dutch] publications in the field of agricultural history].
Original title: Recente publicaties op het gebied van de landbouwgeschiedenis. p. 192-195

Locke, R.D., Veterinary philately. p. 186-191

Mathijsen, A.H.H.M., [The life history of Alexander Numan (1780-1852) during his time in Groningen].
Original title: Alexander Numan (1780-1852) in zijn Groningse periode. p. 159-173

Paping, R.F.J., [Development of animal husbandry in Groningen in the 18th and 19th century; a broad outline].
Original title: De ontwikkeling van de veehouderij in Groningen in de achttiende en negentiende eeuw; een grove schets. p. 175-185

Nr.25 (2001)

Koolmees, P.A., [Dr. Vlimmen, from pastoral ideology to persistent myth]. Dr. Vlimmen: van pastorale ideologie tot hardnekkige mythe. p. 219-225

Koolmees, P.A., [Report of the 32th congress of the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine, Oslo, Norway, August 15-18, 2001]. Verslag van het 32ste congres van de World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine. p. 233-234

Mathijsen, A.H.H.M., [Brugmans in the Museum Boerhaave]. Brugmans in Museum Boerhave. p. 227-232

Mathijsen, A.H.H.M., [Gerrit de Hoog (1784-1812), Netherlands first veterinarian who gained a medical doctor's degree].
Original title: Gerrit de Hoog (1784-1812), Nederlands eerste gepromoveerde veearts. p. 207-218

Weijden, C.G.v.d., [Farewell to Toon Wijgergangs as curator of the Veterinary Museum]. Afscheid van Toon Wijgergangs als conservator van het Museum Diergeneeskunde. p. 235-236

Nr.26 (2002)

Frik, J.F., [From veterinary student to Doctor Vlimmen, 1925-ca. 1960].
Original title: Van veterinair student tot dokter Vlimmen, 1925-ca. 1960. p. 283-286

Kersjes, A.W., [A critical phase in the development of veterinary education. Democratization and restructuring, 1965-1985].
Original title: Een kritische fase in de ontwikkeling van het veterinair onderwijs. Democratisering en herstructurering, 1965-1985. p. 286-292

Koolmees, P.A., [Aims and evaluations of veterinary teaching in Utrecht, 1821-1925].
Original title: Doelstellingen en evaluaties van het veterinair onderwijs in Utrecht, 1821-1925. p. 277-282

Koolmees, P.A., 'Animals, vets and vermin in medical history'. [Report of a conference, held in Norwich, England, 28-29 April 2000].
Original title: Verslag van de conferentie, gehouden in Norwich, Engeland op28en 29 april 2000. p. 293-297

Mathijsen, A.H.H.M., [The bibliography of Alexander Numan (1780-1852)].
Original title: Bibliografie van Alexander Numan. p. 255-266

Teigen, Ph.M., Counting urban horses in the United States. p. 267-276