Cheiron Medal Awards

2006 Dr. Vicente Dualde Perez, Spain
2005 Dr. Robert H. Dunlop, USA
2004 Prof. Adriano Mantovani, Italy
Prof. Alba Veggetti, Italy
2003 Prof. Dr. Miguel Cordero del Campillo, Spain
Prof.Dr. Ferruh Dinçer, Turkey
2002 Dr. Leon Z. Saunders, USA
2001 Dr. Osamu Katsuyama, Japan
Prof. Dr. Jenõ Kováts, Hungary
Drs. A.H.H.M. Mathijsen, The Netherlands
2000 Norman Comben D.V.M., UK
Prof. Dr. Angela von den Driesch, Germany
1998 Dr. Helmut Wentges, Germany
1994 Prof. Dr. Ernst-Heinrich Lochmann, Germany
1993 Dr. Ivan Katić, Denmark
Dr. Karl-Heinz Klatt, Finland
1992 Prof. Dr. Juan Figueroa, Peru
Dr. August Lange, Germany
1990 Prof. Dr. Joergen Gert Espersen, Denmark
Dr. Hanns Martin Wens, Germany
1989 Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Rieck, Germany
Dr. Hansjürg Joller, Switzerland

Young Scholars Awards
The Young Scholars Award 2006 is presented to Dr. Abigail Woods (UK).

Other Awards
On April 18th, 2002, Dr. Georges Theves from Briedel, Luxembourgh was awarded by the George Sarton Committee, University of Ghent, Belgium with the Sarton Medal for his contributions to the history of veterinary medicine.

On September 8th, 2000 Dr.Ivan Katić was made a honorary doctor of Eesti Pöllumajandusülikool (Estonian Agricultural University) in Tartu "for his merits to arrange a fruitful scientific cooperation between the Estonian Agricultural University and the Danish Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University".

Prof.Dr. E.-H. Lochmann was honoured with the University medal of Leipzig University. He received this medal on June, 11th, 1999 from the hands of the Rector Magnificus of Leipzig University for his lecturing on veterinary history and especially for his initiative to organize a Veterinary History Museum at the Veterinary Faculty.

On February 18th,1999 Dr. P.A. Koolmees, teacher of veterinary history at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, received the Sarton Medal, conferred by the Sarton Committee of Ghent University, for his contributions to the history of science in general and for the history of veterinary medicine in particular.

At the occasion of the 225th anniversary of veterinary education in Denmark in 1998 Dr. Ivan Katić, publisher of Historia Medicinae Veterinariae, curator of the Danish Veterinary History Museum and teacher of veterinary history at the Veterinær- og Landbohøjskole, was honoured with the Abildgaard Medal in Gold.