Composition and Tasks of the Board and the Liaison Committee

During the General Assembly Meeting (GAM) at Munich in September 1997, the proposal was adopted to reconstitute the WAHVM Board in order to involve all member societies and individual members more actively in the current and future affairs of the WAHVM.

The Board of the Association will consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and one or two members in order to:

conduct all business of the Association in the interval between two General Assembly meetings;
execute the decisions of the previous General Assembly meeting, while reporting the results to the next meeting;
prepare the General Assembly meetings;
take any appropriate step and/or decision on matters concerning the Association, which arise in between two General Assembly meetings. The Board shall inform the members about these steps/decisions taken as soon as convenient.
Furthermore, a 'liaison committee' was established to initiate and direct working groups and other (scientific) activities-/assignments of the Association. This committee should be composed of:

one representative nominated by each subscribing National Society;
individuals, nominated by the WAHVM Board and elected by the General Assembly
The members of the liaison committee will also serve as a soundingboard to the Board and will be invited to participate in the (annual) Board meeting.