Cahier 2

[Recollections of the emeriti professors Beijers, ten Thije and Seekles after interviews, held in 1970 by prof.dr. S.R. Numans and dr. R. Schuursma]

* Interview with prof. dr. J.A. Beijers (1885-1971)

The years as a student and as an assistant at the Veterinary School; Setting up a veterinary practice in Raalte; Back to Utrecht; The latter days of the period of director Wirtz; Elevation of the School into a College; Incorporation of the Veterinary College in the University; Teaching staff; Contacts with the Medical Faculty; Time of depression; Working together with prof. Wester; Education and research; The War period; Appointments of new professors after 1945; Developments after the War; Female veterinarians.

* Interview with prof. J.H. ten Thije (1895-1981)

Appointment as prosector; The period as Veterinary College; Student days; Teaching staff; The Netherlands Veterinary Association in the period 1940-1945; Incorporation as a Faculty of the University; Contacts with the Medical Faculty; Impact of the depression in the 1930's on the research; Colleagues and scientific contacts; Differences between student generations; The relationship professor-student; The Faculty and the veterinary world; The period 1940-1945; Appointments of new professors after 1945; Status of the scientific staff members; Influence of students on appointments of professors; Developments in the profession and in veterinary studies after 1965; The female veterinarian.

* Interview with prof.dr. L. Seekles (1897-1979)

Academic career; The first fifteen years; The members of the Faculty; The scientific staff; Contacts with university departments outside the Faculty; Working conditions; The gatherings at Wednesday-nights of the senior staff-members; The period '40-'45; The aftermath of the war: the purging; Appointments; Activities outside the Faculty; Research and research assistants; Relations with the students; Relations with the University Board; Relations with the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Society; Foreign relations; Looking back since the superannuation in 1967.