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Cahier nr. 1

R. Strikwerda.

[Cattle in the Dutch Paterfamilial literature.

Veterinary folk medicine in the 18th century].

Utrecht: V.H.G., 1997. 137 p. (in Dutch w. summaries in English and German) ISBN 90-76090-01-7

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Cahier nr. 2

A. Mathijsen (ed.)

The origins of veterinary schools in Europe - a comparative view.

Report of a symposium held in Utrecht on May the 8th, 1996 on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of veterinary education in The Netherlands.

Utrecht: V.H.G., 1997. 78 p. ISBN 90-76090-02-5


M. Lapras (France). Lyon, the cradle of veterinary training and of veterinary sciences (p. 8-12)

B. Robert Kreiser (USA). "La cendrillon des sciences": towards the professionalization of veterinary medicine in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century France (p. 13-24)

M.F. Brumme (Germany). The emergence of veterinary instruction in the German language area: a preliminary typological study (p. 25-42)

G. Liuzzo, A. Corradi and E. Cabassi (Italy). Cultural roots and socio-political climate of the Italian veterinary schools from their origins (1769) to the Italian unification (1861) (p. 43-48)

I. Katic (Denmark). Foundation of the Danish Veterinary School in Copenhagen in 1773 and a short history of its developments until 1851 (p. 49-53)

M. Castaño, J.M. Pérez Garcia and C. Ballesteros (Spain). The beginnings of the veterinary schools in Spain (p. 54-58)

S.K. Rudik (Ukraine). The beginnings of veterinary education in the Ukraine (p. 59-61)

A. Mathijsen (Netherlands). The incubation and the founding period of the Veterinary School in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1798-1821 (p. 62-69)

P. Leeflang (Netherlands). An attempt to summarize and to compare (p. 70-73)

Cahier nr. 3

A. Mathijsen (ed.)

[Recollections of the emeriti professors Beijers, ten Thije and Seekles after interviews by prof.dr. S.R. Numans and dr. R. Schuursma].

Utrecht: V.H.G., 1999. 99 p. ISBN 90-76090-03-3 (in Dutch)