WAHVM Congresses

2009 Announcement VHS 2009
2009 15 Jahrestagung Geschichte der Vet-Med
2006 Leon,Spain.(37th):
  37th WAHVM Congress Leon, Spain. September 22th - 24th, 2006.
2005 Minneapolis,Minnesota, USA(36th):
  36th WAHVM Congress Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. July 13-16,2005
2004 Turin,Italy(35th):
  35th WAHVM Congress Turin, Italy, September 7-10, 2004
Abstracts of presentations & posters
  The full text proceedings of the congress are published: 
Alba Veggetti, Ivo Zoccarato & Elizabetta Lasagna (Eds.) Proceedings 35th International congress of the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine (WAHVM) Grugliasco (Torino), 8-11 September 2004. (Brescia 2005), 609 pages.
For book orders please contact Prof. Ivo Zoccarato in Turin ivo.zoccarato@unito.it .
2003 Mexico City, Mexico(34th):
  34th WAHVM Congress Mexico City, Mexico, September 24-27, 2003
2002 Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany (33rd):
  Second Announcement
Cancelled : Due to the Elbe Flood / See Newsletter 2003/1
  The Abstracts and the majority of the full papers and posters of this congress are published:
Johann Schaeffer & Peter Koolmees (eds.): History of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture. Proceedings. DVG Service GmbH: Giessen 2003, 286 pp, ISBN 3-936815-80-1.
The book can be ordered at: www.dvg.net.
2001 Oslo, Norway (32nd):
  Report of the 32nd WAHVM Congress Oslo, Norway, August 15-18, 2001
Abstracts of presentations & posters
2000 Brno, Czech Republic (31st):
  Summaries of main articles
1999 Lyon, France (in the framework of the 26th World Veterinary Congress) 23-29 September 1999:
  Abstracts of papers presented during the symposium on the history of epizootics and
Abstracts of free communications
1998 Munich, Germany (30th):
  Programme of the 30th WAHVM-congress, 9-12 September 1998. Short report
1997 Córdoba, Spain (29th):
  President's address at the opening of the congress. Short report
1996 Vienna, Austria (28th):
  Opening address by the president of the WAHVM. Short report (For the Programme and Abstracts, see: Historia Medicinae Veterinariae, vol. 22 (1/2), 1-48, 1997)
1995 Yokohama, Japan (in the framework of the 25th World Veterinary Congress):
  Welcome speech by the president of the WAHVM * A.H.H.M. Mathijsen. Development of veterinary historiography in the Western World (congress paper) Short report (for the full text of papers or abstracts, see: Japanese Journal of Veterinary History, no. 33, March 1966)
1994 Kopenhagen, Denmark (27th) :
  Short report (For programme and Abstracts, see: Historia Medicinae Veterinariae, vol. 19 (3/4), 49-112, 1994