In 1964, German veterinarians and others interested in veterinary history were invited to a symposium on the history of veterinary medicine in Hanover, Germany. The symposium was organized under the auspices of the German Veterinary Medical Association (DVG) by the Institute (Fachgebiet) for the History of Veterinary Medicine, which was established in 1963 within the Veterinary College, Hanover.

Five more symposia were organized between 1965 and 1969 by the 'Fachgebiet' at Hanover, under the direction of Univ.Professors Dr. W. Rieck (1893-1991) and Dr. E.-H. Lochmann.

From 1969 onwards the symposia were announced as "International Symposia" as delegates were attending from outside Germany. In the same year, the 'World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine' (WAHVM) was founded. The Association received observer status of the World Veterinary Association in 1970 and became an associate member in 1976.

The main activity of the WAHVM is the organization of an annual international congress.

During the 26th congress, in 1993, it was decided to revise the Constitution of the WAHVM and to transform the association into a federation of national societies concerned with the promotion and study of veterinary history. The new Constitution was adopted in 1994. At the General Assembly Meeting of 1997 in Córdoba it was decided to establish a Liaison Committee, in stead of the Extended Board, with a representative of each of the member societies, plus one member to represent the personal members. This became effective after the General Assembly Meeting in Munich in September 1998.