International Dictionary of Veterinary Biography


At Córdoba it was decided to start a working group in preparation of an international dictionary of veterinary biography. A 'plan of operations' was prepared which reads as follows:

The dictionary will include all deceased persons, veterinarians and non-veterinarians, who during their lifetime in one way or the other contributed to the development of veterinary medicine. People from all countries and from ancient times to date will be included.

The motto of the working group is:'better one person to much than one person missing'.

The objectives are:

      • to publish a book/CD ROM for reference and teaching purposes;
      • to include all relevant people as defined above;
      • to include pictures of the persons as far as available.

Co-ordinator of the project is Dr. Ivan Katic. Please direct all contributions and correspondence to him: 

Dr. Ivan Katic
Søndergade 39
Viby, Sjælland, Denmark

In May 1988, an invitation was sent to National Veterinary Associations, National Societies for the History of Veterinary Medicine, Establishments of Veterinary Education, Veterinary Libraries and Veterinary Museums (all together 311 addresses) to compile a list with suggestions of deceased countrymen and -women who should be included in the dictionary and to present names of persons who could actively be involved in the composition of the dictionary. A questionnaire was enclosed in the mailing.

Since that time considerable progress has been made and contributions have been received from many countries around the globe. Please follow this link for a recent status report on work on this International Dictionary of Veterinary Biography

If you are interested in making a contribution to the International Dictionary of Veterinary Biography, then please follow these instructions very carefully