Membership is open to veterinarians and non-veterinarians in the following categories:
  • National Societies for the History of Veterinary Medicine (annual subscription US$ 5,= per member)
  • Individual persons (annual subscription US$ 20,=)
  • Associate members such as veterinary schools, research institutions, professional organizations, libraries (annual subscription US$ 200,=) or veterinary museums (annual subscription US$ 50,=)
  • Affiliate members such as private enterprises with an interest in veterinary medicine (minimum subscription US$ 250,- per annum)




Membership WAHVM 2003


Austria (40), Denmark (40), France (80),Germany(100),Hungary (40), Japan (189), Netherlands (260), Norway (>200), Spain (50), Switzerland (64), USA (>100),Summary National Societies
Eleven National Societies representing > 1150 members


Dr. Peter A. Koolmees,
Dr. Paul Leeflang,
Prof.Dr. Johann Schäffer,
Dr. Georges Theves, 
Dr. Max Becker
Dr. John Kristoffersen

Free Members 
Prof. dr. A. von den Driesch, Germany
Prof. Dr E.-H. Lochmann, Germany
Prof. Dr K.H. Klatt, Finland
Dr H.P.W. Wentges, Germany
Prof. Dr R.H. Dunlop, U.S.A.
Prof. Dr P.F. Knezevic, Austria
Dr O. Katsuyama, Japan
Dr M. Pumarola, Spain
Dr R. Grimm, Germany
Dr I. Katic, Denmark
Mr. N. Comben, BSc, MRCVS, United Kingdom

Paying Members
Prof. I. Alitalo, Finland
Prof. Dr J. Benedum, Germany
Dr J.B. Berns, The Netherlands
Dr J. Blancou, France
Dr C. Bresciani, Italy
Mr J.O. Broberg, BVet.Med., MRCVS, United Kingdom
Dr Chris M. Bunn, Australia
Prof. M. Cordero del Campillo, Spain
Prof. J.B. Derbyshire, Canada
Dr Th. Dukes, Canada
Dr R. Ewbank, United Kingdom
Dr John R. Fisher, Australia
Prof. Dr K.D. Fischer, Germany
Prof. K. Fouad, Egypt
Prof. Dr W. Heinicke, Germany
Dr N.O. Hellgren, Sweden
Dr C. Huygelen. Belgium
Prof. Dr W. Jöchle, U.S.A.
Prof. Dr G. Jönsson, Sweden
Prof. Dr V. Kouba, Czech Republic
Dr Phyllis H. Larsen, U.S.A.
Mr R.D. Locke, BSc, MRCVS, United Kingdom
Dr Clotilde de Loures Branco Germiniani, Brasil
Dr R.G. Mares, United Kingdom
Prof. Dr M.A. Marquez, Mexico
Prof. Dr O.A. Perez, Argentina
Dr P. Rinesch, Austria
Dr R.A. Roncalli, U.S.A.
Dr W. Sackmann, Switzerland
Prof. Dr M. Saleh, Egypt
Dr Santiago Ajo Guardiola, Mexico
Dr L.Z. Saunders, U.S.A.
Prof. Dr H. Scheunemann, Germany
Dr Chr. Senn, Switzerland
Dr O.H.V. Stalheim, U.S.A.
Mr W. Steinigeweg, Germany
Mr C. Trenton Boyd, U.S.A.
Dr S.W. Vogel, South Africa

Summary Paying Members
39 paying members from 20 countries


1. Veterinary Schools
University of Veterinary Science, Budapest, Hungary
The Royal Veterinary and Agric. University, Copenhagen, Denmark
Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, Oslo, Norway
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Tessaloniki, Greece

2. Veterinary Associations
Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society, Athens, Greece

3. Veterinary Museums
Veterinary History Museum, Helsinki, Finland
Museum Diergeneeskunde, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Australian Veterinary Association Historical Collection, Harden, Australia
Muséum Fragonard d'Alfort, France
Veterinary Corps Museum & Archives, Tamarac, U.S.A.
Onderstepoort Veterinary Museum, South Africa.