New Zealand

The New Zealand Veterinary Association has published a nicely produced book at the occasion of its 75th anniversary. As appears from the postscript, the collators, as they call themselves, consider it as "a skeletal narrative". They had collected a mass of archival materials that only partially could be brought into this first overview. They hope that in the future a more complete history will be written.

Meanwhile we can read about the unique development of the profession in N.Z.. In 1945 only 100 veterinarians were available for the whole country, mostly in Government Service. The number increased to 830 practitioners in 1992, firstly by recruiting foreigners or sending students to Australia, but after 1964 by training students at the own Veterinary Faculty of Massey University. Until that date most of the practicioners worked in the socalled club-system, in which farmer committees employed veterinarians on salary.

The title of the jubilee book is: "And while you're here..." - A brief history of the New Zealand veterinary profession. Collated by Eric Shortridge, Catherine Smith and Earle Gardner. Wellington: N.Z. Vet. Ass., 1998. 112 p. ISBN 0-473-05208-3.