Veterinary Heritage


The bulletin of the American Veterinary History Society is called Veterinary Heritage. Membership secretary is Dr. Leo L. Lemonds DVM. His address is: R.R.1, Box 95, Hastings, NE 68901, USA.

Editor: Dr. J.F. Smithcors. Managing editor: Prof. David J. Williams. School of Veterinary medicine, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

The contents of the latest issues of Veterinary Heritage, bulletin of the American Veterinary History Society are:

21 (2) 1998

* C.S. Manette. Veterinary ethics and the changing role of the veterinarian; an historical review. p. 25-33;

* L.L. Lemonds. The American veterinary medical association. The beginnings of respectability, professionalism and change in the American veterinary profession. p. 34-35;

* Peters, R. On the yellow water in horses. (From: Memoirs of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture, vol. 1, 1808). Classical paper. p. 36-37;

* K.B. Haas. The trouble with horse manure. p. 38-40;

* D.T. Ladry. Winnie the Pooh and the veterinarian too: a biographical essay on the life of dr. Harry Colebourn, BVSc, MRCVS (1887-1947). p. 41-45;

* J.F. Smithcors. What's in a name? Impact of the change of from USVMA to AVMA. p. 46-50;

22 (1) 1999

* J.H. Steele. Early history of veterinary public health in the United States. p. 1-9;

* K.B. Haas. Animal therapy over the ages: 1. Acutherapy. p. 10-13;

* J. Evans. A retrospective of veterinary medicine at Oklahoma State University. p. 14-19;

* J.F. Smithcors. Why study veterinary history. p. 20-24.

23 (1) 2000

* Ph.M. Teigen. Nineteenth-century veterinarymedicine as an urban profession. p. 1-5;

* K.B. Haas. Animal therapy over the ages. 4: Early botanical medicine. p. 6-8;

* Blystone, M. Veterinarians in zoo medicine; the evolution of a career. p. 9-13;

* J.H. Steele. Zoonoses 1879-1983, an update of James Law's report on diseases of animals. p. 14-20;

* P. Davis. Coming full circle. A history of the 168th Medical Detachment (VS). p. 21-27.

23 (2) 2000

*Olah, G.A., From scrapie to prions: veterinarians pave the way. p. 38-42

*Silverstone, A.M., The new light: Roentgen's unusual demonstrations and the development of diagnostic radiology in North America. p. 46-51

24 (2001)

*Blystone, M., Rinderpest: one virus's impact on veterinary history. p. 8-12

*Lawrence, E.A., Feline fortunes: contrasting perceptions of cats. p. 21-26

*Pruett, J., Evolution of exotic medicine through zoologic gardens. p. 27-32

*Quigley, M., Veterinary medicine and the American Civil War. p. 33-37

*Stearns, D.C., Anecdotal history: a forgotten chapter in the history of veterinary medicine. p. 17-18

*Teigen, P.M., Reading and writing veterinary medicine. p. 3-7