Working Groups


a. Veterinary Museums:

The Guide to Veterinary Museums has been published. A working group, consisting of curators of the veterinary museums, is invited to start an exchange programme of materials of veterinary significance. During each International Congress a special session will be dedicated to veterinary museum activities.

b. Veterinary Education and Curriculum Development:

The results of the Survey of Veterinary History Teaching in the World (1997) have been published by Prof. Dr J. Schäffer (Hanover, Germany) in the Report of the 30th WAHVM international congres, published by DVG (Domestication of Animals, Giessen 1999, pp. 217-238, ISBN 3-930511-64-9).

c. International Dictionary of Veterinary Biography:

A working group (intermediary Dr I. Katic) will prepare an international dictionary of people who significantly contributed to the development of veterinary medicine.

d. Retrospective Bibliography:

The Bibliography of the History of Veterinary Medicine was compiled by Drs. A. Mathijsen (Utrecht, The Netherlands) and will be published on CD-ROM. To find out how to order this CD-ROM, click here

e. Stamps, Covers and Cancellations:

A relatively small group of veterinarians is engaged in this topic (intermediaries R.D. Locke and N.-O. Hellgren). Our congresses provide the opportunity to exchange private materials; our Newsletter is open to communications from the group. An inventory of existing collections is in preparation and will, in its own specific way, contribute to our studies on veterinary history.

f. Electronic Communication:

An Utrecht-based team will maintain a WAHVM-homepage on Internet. Our main goal is to serve the members and also libraries and veterinary schools in the exchange of information and teaching materials.